People who know me know that I like to do surveys about things that I’m interested in and passionate about. It’s a whole thing. Mastodon is something that I have been very into, so naturally I get curious. …

Or, Time is Money


Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) positions itself as being apart from capitalism. Software is written by people passionate about making their useful things freely available to all. Sometimes they’re paid but often they aren’t.

When they’re not, and when it’s a personal project that…

Or, the Unfortunately Long Story of Another Badly-Managed Open Source Project that Pushes People Away



I love Mastodon. I love that it’s user-friendly, is busy and vibrant, and in current and active development. One of its mission statements is anti-abuse tools, so when I joined a little over a…

People of Medium who write articles, do you like people to make private notes on your articles pointing out spelling mistakes?

Content note: autism, medical gaslighting, sexism in medicine.


If you trundle around speaking to people in various corners of the internet and you mention self-diagnosis, chances are you will find controversy or anger. Either two sides arguing over whether self-diagnosis is valid, or someone saying that those silly Tumblr…


Pronouns: they/them. Feel free to point out my spelling etc. errors so I can fix them!

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